Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's tutorial on powdered chalk

CHALLENGE #16 FLOWERS using powdered chalk by Stamp N Plus Click HERE

I was working on using the chalk as a source of resist to heat embossed images. I have three examples to share today. The stamp I used is Winter Maple and can be found HERE
The color chalk I used for all three examples is Jade and can be found HERE.

This first photo shows two heat embossed trees on off white cardstock. I used the Versa Mark ink and embossing powder by Stamp N Plus.

In this photo I combined water and powdered chalk and painted it over the tree. You can see it puddled in the branches. I used the paint brush off to the right.

I took a rag and dabbed the area removing the excess and the mixture resisted where the embossing is. Dabbing will also help to keep your paper straight and not warped. It would help to use water color paper when using water. They sell it at Michael's and Hobby Lobby which is nice because you can use a coupon.

This is the card I made with the above image

Next experiment is using my paint by Stamp N Plus combined with powdered chalk. Same thing I just painted over the tree and wiped away the extra on the embossed area.

The really nice thing about Stamp N Plus paint is the beautiful sparkle it gives. Here the left tree is with paint and the right is water. What a difference between the two.

This is my card using paint and chalk.

Last I used a stipple brush and in a circular pattern I applied the chalk directly to the tree. Not a whole lot of resistance for this one but it sure turned out pretty.

Here is my card using the powdered chalk direct to the embossed image. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the different ways to use powdered chalk.


  1. Great tutorial...thanks so much for posting it. I will be trying these techniques soon.

  2. Love these Friday tutorials. I definitely have to try this one. It gives a cool effect.

  3. Like the techniques. Pretty cards.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"